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Songs for Simon

Here is one of the songs (inspired by Sam, surprising I am sure! ) on our Songs for Simon album. We hope you enjoy it and thank you for your love and support!

The CD includes 7 songs ; I love Trains, Jesus Loves Me, ABC/Twinkle Little Star, Do you know your name, Really Quiet Song, Dance Dance Dance, and It is time to go to sleep.

Orders can be placed by donating $10 to our Reece’s Rainbow account  here.  Email your receipt to ggill@kent.edu and we will email you the download.

Locals or those who prefer something in their hands can buy a CD for $12 shipped.  We are taking orders through 6/22.  Same process please donate $12 here, email me the receipt, ggill@kent.edu.  We will ship you out a CD  in about 2 weeks.

Locals can also pay in person if you like 🙂

We received our LOA!!!  This means we will be traveling in 8-12 weeks.  Woot!

     DSC_0654 DSC_0655



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