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tu si wei_1 tu si wei_2

We are getting close to traveling.  We hope to actually be in China this time in two months, or if we are lucky maybe we will even already be home.

Above are pictures of a care package and letter we were able to send to Simon and his foster family.  I am pretty sure he will like the cookies best 🙂

We were super blessed to receive two grants toward our final costs!  We received grants from Show Hope and the JSC Foundation.  All we have to worry about now are the plane tickets.   Since we have garage sale items left over from our first sale and a kind friend offer us space, we will be doing the Route 30 Sale 08/07, 08/08 and 08/09.  If anyone has any stuff sitting around you want rid of let us know, we would be glad to take it off your hands!

We also still have CDs for sale.  $10 for pickup, $12 shipped, or $10 for a link to download the songs.  Please email/FB message myself to order, ggill@kent.edu.

Our continued prayer requests are for the boys’ transitions, all 3.  Sam will start Kindergarten just a couple weeks before we leave.  This will all be a big adjustment for our family, and honestly we have no clue what to expect.

Hopefully we will have official travel dates soon!



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