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6 months

Simon has been home for 6 months and we just celebrated his fourth birthday.  During this 6 months he was home for the holidays, he has had 3 museum trips, enjoyed himself some Chucky Cheese, went to Great Wolf Lodge, attended several birthdays parties, had his own birthday party, got a haircut, and started preschool 2 days a week.  He has also been to the adoption clinic, urologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, hematologist, audiologist, evaluations for speech and occupational therapies, the down syndrome clinic and his pediatrician.  We are done with several “ologists”, including hematology and cardiology!  Clean bills of health and no need to ever go back 🙂 He is to have surgery next week on his hernia, then we will be done with the urologist.

A question we are often asked is if he is talking, the answer, not really, not yet.  He is saying mamamamama, all day it seems sometimes, and to anyone he wants to help him.  He also can say no, no, no, and his version of more.  The school speech therapist says he is doing well.  He picks up sign language quickly and uses it sometimes. We are using a couple speech programs on the Ipad at home too.  He is able to communicate his wants and needs clearly…very clearly.

He has fit into our family so well, and really so easily.  I don’t think it is always this easy for families.  It is hard to remember he hasn’t always been with us, it has only been 6 months.  His brother’s think he is pretty cool but also annoying, just like any little brother.  Sam was upset at Simon about a month ago and told me to send him back to China.  The next day Sam told me he changed his mind, not to send Simon back to China.  I said, “OK, we wont” , Sam said “whoo, close one.”  I have also witnessed Oliver and Simon holding hands in the car, and Oliver reaching over to give him a kiss on the head.  The cuteness, off the charts.

I recently heard a  couple statistics and thought it appropriate to share.  At the Dropbox film, they shared there are 300,000 churches and 100,000 legally free children in the US.  So if only ONE family from every third church adopted, there would be no legally free, aka, orphans, in the U.S.  I heard this second statistic at a special needs conference I attended in February.  Thirty percent of families say they have considered adoption, only 2-3% go on to actually adopt.  If someone reading this has considered adoption we would be happy to share our experience.  We also have family and friends who have gone through domestic adoption and foster to adopt, who I am sure would be happy to chat too.  It sounds scary, hard, and expensive and it can be these things, but it is so worth it.

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