Reece’s Rainbow Reunion 2016

This is our second year attending the Reece’s Rainbow reunion.  And just like last year we had an awesome time!  It is a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by so many families that look like ours while at the campground and even when we were out and about.  It is a great time for families to connect and share experiences.  The campground, Jellystone Park, was great as were the staff.  We really appreciate the opportunity for our older boys to make friends with kids who also have special needs siblings through adoption.  Sam and Oliver gave their thoughts on vacation with some arm twisting.

Oliver  loved “The pools and jumping pillow. I really like our cabin, and vacation is fun. All the kids are awesome, the activities were fun, that’s all.”

Sam loved  “The bouncing pillows. Well I really like the water pools and it was really nice at the water park.  I really like the kids.”

Simon loved it all.  He responded with “yeth!” when asked if he wants to go on vacation again 🙂

It is a refreshing time for all of us and we were were sad to see it end.  We look forward to the RR Reunion in 2017!