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Thanks for stopping by!  We are the Speelman family. Our family consists of myself J.T., my wife Ginny, and our two sons Sam, Oliver and our dog Jacko. We live in North East Ohio in the small town where we both grew up.  We have been married for 9 years.  We have been planning to be a family of five and originally hoped our newest addition might be a girl.  We decided that we would be fine with wherever God decided to steer our desires.

Ginny worked in college with adults and children with disabilities which led to a career change, becoming a rehabilitation counselor, working specifically with adults with disabilities in the work force.  Somewhere after having Oliver Ginny stumbled upon Reece’s Rainbow and was struck by the little boys the same age as Sam that were orphaned because they were HIV positive.  Sadly that country no longer allows Americans to adopt.  Ginny began to peruse Reece’s Rainbow and other advocacy sites more frequently and joined an advocacy FB group.  She also began assisting in a group to raise funds for families adopting.  During this process she learned boys wait longer than girls to find families and that even just being a boy is considered a special need.  She knew then if we adopted it would be a little boy.  In the early spring of 2013 Ginny saw a little boy listed in an Asian country.  Something about his picture and description stuck with her.  She continued to check on him regular, then daily, to see if a family had found him.  On her birthday she asked JT to please consider adoption and this little boy specifically.  A few days later she placed his picture on the refrigerator and that night JT called from work to say he was thinking very much about this little boy.  God continued to move in JT’s heart and they submitted the paper work in September to commit to this child,  listed on Reeces Rainbow as Seth.  He is a little more than a year younger than Oliver and everyone is very eager to have him home!


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