March Update


We have completed our homestudy and dossier.  Our dossier was sent to our agency in California and I (Ginny) heard today everything is in order.  That means it will be on a plane on the way to China come Friday!  We are super, super excited.  The next step is to wait for China to translate, review and approve our dossier.  Then we will move on to more paperwork,visas and travel arrangements. This could take a while or not. We don’t really know.  We think realistically we will travel in September.

We also learned this month that Simon is living in a foster family with two foster brothers, so I guess he will be prepared for a life with brothers!  He has a wonderful foster mother.  He seems to be doing very well, to be cared for and loved.  This is great news!  My heart will be breaking to take Simon away from his foster mother.  She seems to really care for him and him for her.  Foster care in China is different from here.  They are not allowed/discouraged from adopting and it is more of a job from what I have been told.  I know they live in apartments attached to the CWI (orphanage).  I believe when we take Simon a new child will be placed in his foster family and will benefit greatly from being cared for by his foster mom.  I have had several families say how well their child transitioned into their family when coming from the Children’s Welfare Institute (orphanage) where Simon and his foster family live.

We appreciate all of our friends and family who have been praying for us.  We have had an incredibly smooth and speedy process so far!  I keep waiting for the other ball to drop 🙂

We would greatly appreciate continued prayers for Simon’s health, his heart to be prepared to join our family, our family to be prepared for him, his foster family, our paperwork to be processed quickly, and for our finances.  Quite the list!

Thank you!






Simon’s birthday cake

Simon's birthday cake

Here is a recent picture of Simon getting ready to enjoy the birthday cake we were able to arrange for him. We were blessed enough to also get several short videos of him and his friends enjoying his cake.

A gift of love


This box sat on a table every Sunday at our church for several weeks. It is nicely decorated and has J.T. and Ginny on the top with a silvery bow. Next to the bow is a slot cut into the top of the box. Week after week people came to this box to show their love and support for our family and the adoption of Simon. We are truly grateful for all who have been praying for us and for the cards and love gifts.